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Whitehall Road
Methodist Church

1st Gateshead Girls’ Brigade

Our Company was founded on 1st January 1907, and at that time came under the heading of Girls’ Life Brigade.  The Company met at this time at Prince Consort Road Methodist Church. However, when this church closed, in September 1963, and many members moved their worship to Whitehall Road, Girls’ Brigade came with them and has remained here ever since.

We are the third oldest Company, who has continued to meet on a regular basis, remaining in the whole of the world, there only being two Companies founded the year before. The lady who started the Company, Mrs. Elsie Lynes, later emigrated to work in Singapore and along with two other ladies started the 1st Singapore Girls’ Brigade Company, there are now 86 Companies meeting in  Singapore, and we at 1st Gateshead feel a strong connection with G.B. in Singapore.

There have also been many changes over the years in uniform , but throughout all the uniform changes, one things has remained, the smartness of the girls and Officers and their pride in wearing the uniform of their day, with new girls desperate to get their first uniform!

However, over all the changes that Girls’ Brigade in general and 1st Gateshead in particular has seen, one thing remains at the forefront of our Company nights, the girls and the development of their mind, body and spirit. We meet every Tuesday, during term time, in the Hall. All girls of school age are welcome to come along and join us.


N:vestigate   -   8 years     

N:gage        8 - 11 years  

N:counta    11 - 14 years         

N:spire       14 - 21 years

(Subscriptions can also be paid on a Term basis if so desired)


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The 1st Gateshead Girls' Brigade Company, who meet at Whitehall Road Methodist Church in Bensham, Gateshead.

The Company in their current uniforms

6.00p.m. Until 7.30 p.m. - Weekly Subscription £1.50                                            includes 20p sweet mix-up